Female Lube with CBD

Female Lube with CBD


  • SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE – Pharma Direct‘s Female Lube supports a woman’s sexual wellness by enhancing pleasure, easing discomfort and increasing sensitivity. Simply apply topically to where it matters most and watch (and feel!) your sex get better and…
  • NOT JUST A LUBRICANT: Thanks to the magic of 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, not only does our Female lubricant make sex slipperier, but it also hydrates the skin and eases discomforts for the ultimate sexual experience.
  • CBD BELONGS IN YOUR BEDSIDE CABINET: You might be wondering, how can CBD actually help? We thought that too, until we did our research… CBD can help increase blood flow, removes discomforts and helps relax and ease muscle tension – all of which are crucial for pleasure and arousal.

Volume: 50ml
Strength: 100mg CBD



Ingredients: Aqua, Sorbitol, Hydroxyetholcellulose, Glycerine, Palm oil, CBD Extract 100mg

Human Grade Edible ingredients

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